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Anticipating the needs of your customers (First Service)

It’s one thing to meet a customer’s needs when you’re asked, but quite different to anticipate and meet a need before a customer voices it, or even recognises it themselves.

This short course will introduce you to the idea of treating clients as individuals and of anticipatory service as a means to impress your clients with excellent customer service and engender their loyalty.

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Coaching Skills Training

As the pace of change increases, businesses are recognising the need for their employees to learn and adapt quickly. Coupled with the need to find cost effective, just-in-time development, coaching has become a key management tool.

This course will introduce participants to the skills of coaching, provide a simple coaching framework and provide the opportunity to practice these skills.

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Dealing with Difficult People

Wouldn’t the world be much easier if everyone was like you? Sadly, they’re not. Sometimes it can seem as if customers, colleagues and our peers are conspiring to make our lives difficult.

Learning to understand ‘difficult people’ in all their guises, and practising the skills you can use to manage them can help you feel more confident in dealing with others.

This one-day workshop aims to help you understand what makes a difficult person, introduces classic difficult characters as well as some ideas to help manage them. The course also explores conflict, and basic approaches to defusing it.

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Effective Networking Skills Training

Anyone in the workplace, whether employed or self-employed needs to present a confident and professional image. Whether it’s an interview, meeting a client (or prospective client) for the first time, working a stand at an exhibition or attending business networking events – first impressions count.

Confident personal presentation enables you to garner trust and build productive relationships, which can only enhance business effectiveness.

Participants on this course will learn techniques for managing perceptions, building confidence and networking.

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Effectively handling customer complaints (First Service)

Despite the power a disgruntled customer has over your organisations reputation these days, only 1 in 4 employees feel equipped to deal with customer complaints. And only 1 in 3 customer service staff have customer complaint handling training.

If you want to know how to turn a disgruntled customer into a raving fan of your organisation – this course is for you!

Let McCrudden Training’s effectively handle customer complaints training programme help you to restore a positive relationship with unhappy customers.

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First Impressions: the basics of great customer service (First Service)

Customers form an impression of your business within the first 7 seconds of their contact with you. So, the quality of your customer service really counts – especially the first contact with customers.

A good first customer service encounter can enhance your overall view of the rest of the customer service experience. A poor or indifferent customer goodbye, can undermine all your earlier customer service work.

Let McCrudden Training’s customer service training programme help you to make sure every first (and lasting) impression with your customers counts.

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Introduction to Management Training

Talented people get promoted. But being great at your job doesn’t always mean that you’ll be a good people manager. Sometimes people’s first experience of managing and leading others isn’t as positive as it could be, because they don’t have the skills and knowledge that underpin good management.

This one-day workshop explores the essential elements needed as you develop as a manager. It provides an opportunity to consider the leadership responsibilities and skills associated with the role, introduces the continuum of leadership styles and explores the skills necessary to work within and lead a team of people.

Our practical exercises provide a safe environment to practice different approaches, and rehearse the skills needed to build your confidence as a manager.

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Mastering Meeting Minutes

This half-day workshop will explore the different ‘uses’ of meeting notes and the legal status of meeting minutes. Activities will encourage participants to consider the way in which they take notes during meetings, and present some more usual ideas to help delegates record meeting contents accurately.

The course also explores formats for presenting written notes and individual writing style.

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Maximise your chances of succeeding in Interviews

Being interviewed for a new job or role can be very daunting, especially since a lot of people don’t experience many interviews during their careers, or don’t get feedback from one’s they are not successful in.

But remember, an interview is just there to help make the match between applicants and the organisation. And although there is no way to anticipate every possible question, there are strategies to help you prepare, and interview skills can be practiced and polished.

This short workshop will introduce some strategies to help you shine in your next interview!

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On time & on budget: An introduction to Planning and Managing Projects

The workshop aims to explore the theories and practical skills behind good project management based around the core principles of Prince II. It will define the life cycle of a project and the three dimensions of all projects. Using practical examples you will develop an understanding of Project Initiation Documents (or Project Plan), and effective monitoring and reporting procedures.

The day will also look at the people skills behind managing projects, including what kinds of people make a project team successful, and engaging stakeholders and partners.

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Planning, running and participating in effective meetings

Badly run meetings are an expensive waste of time and resources for any business, but focused, well-structured meetings can be worth every penny they cost.

The practical workshop explores the do’s and don’ts of planning and running successful meetings, from identifying a need to meet, to closing the meeting on time. Using practical exercises you will develop an understanding of meetings from the perspective of the chair, the note taker and the participants.

The day will also look at the people skills behind successful meetings, including skills to manage your own participation, as well as taking succinct and accurate notes and appropriate formats for presenting minutes.

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Problem solving and decision making Training

Problem solving is a crucial business skill. Having an effective method for identifying problems and potential problems and implementing appropriate solutions can save a business time, money and resources.

Participants on this course will learn the importance of analysing a problem and following a structured approach to problem resolution. The course offers a practical approach and encourages participants to apply the skills to their own work-based problems.

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Public Speaking and Presenting Training

Some of us have had those nightmare moments when asked to speak in public, and most of us get apprehensive when asked to give a speech about our organisations. Even the most regular of presenters don’t always maximise their moment in the spot light.

But remember – communication only happens when the audience ‘receives’ your message. So speaking in public isn’t just about controlling your nerves, it’s just as important to make sure the audience ‘get’ what you’re saying.

Whether it’s networking events, team/staff meetings, AGM’s, ‘selling’ project ideas, recruitment talks or just participating in meetings, the purpose of giving a speech in public can vary, but the skills you need are similar.

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The difference between routine and the extra mile

Excellence in customer service is a strategic imperative for any organisation wanting to thrive in today’s customer driven world. Regularly exceeding your customers expectations means that you must not only know the different types of customers your organisation has, but what their needs and expectations (those they express and uncovering the more invisible ones)

If you’re looking to understand the behaviours and processes that will have the greatest impact on a customer’s impression of your business, this workshop is the place to start. Use this course to learn to give your customers what they want, and just a little bit more!

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Time Management Training

Most of us have experienced the frustration of reaching the end of the day without achieving half of the things that we set out to do. When that starts to impact upon your productivity it may be time to do something about it.

This workshop explores common time management principles and introduces some skills and techniques to improve self- management and greater control of your work load.

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