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Keep it clean: Basic food safety training

Food hygiene regulations set out the basic standards for any workers handling food (including pre-packaged foods). The regulations require that food handling staff should receive food hygiene training. Failing to adequately train staff has lead to a number of organisations receiving enforcement notices, low hygiene ratings and ultimately fines.

Food hygiene training ensures your customers (and your reputation) are protected from food poisoning and your organisation is protected from sanctions.

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Level 3 Award in Food Safety Supervision in catering

If your organisation works with food, you should ensure that staff are trained to an appropriate level to comply with food safety regulations.

This course covers a broad range of relevant aspects surrounding the supervision of food hygiene and food safety. Successfully completing this food safety course will enable you to take responsibility for food safety monitoring, conduct a hazard analysis, take action to address issues, supervise and train more junior staff.

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