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McCrudden Training

Eastbourne & District Chamber of Commerce

Workshop TitlePublic Speaking and Presenting Training

Summary of the overall aims of the course

Some of us have had those nightmare moments when asked to speak in public, and most of us get apprehensive when asked to give a speech about our organisations. Even the most regular of presenters don’t always maximise their moment in the spot light.

But remember – communication only happens when the audience ‘receives’ your message. So speaking in public isn’t just about controlling your nerves, it’s just as important to make sure the audience ‘get’ what you’re saying.

Whether it’s networking events, team/staff meetings, AGM’s, ‘selling’ project ideas, recruitment talks or just participating in meetings, the purpose of giving a speech in public can vary, but the skills you need are similar.

Course objectives

This workshop will help you plan effectively to maximise the time you have in the ‘lime light’. We will explore different strategies and styles, as well as look at tips and techniques to build your confidence. This course is a safe environment to rehearse your presentation skills to make sure you get it right on those all important occasions.

At the end of the course, delegates will be able to:

  • List the effective ways to use an opportunity to speak in public;
  • Explain and evaluate 3 different types of speech format;
  • Use a 4 stage (topics, audience, structure and aids) approach to designing an effective public speeches;
  • Describe the purpose and content of the beginning, body and end of a presentation;
  • Formulate and utilise effective visual aids; and
  • Confidently deliver different types of presentation.

Target audience

This course is ideal for anyone who has to give formal presentations or public speeches about their organisation. It is aimed at those with no prior knowledge, those who find public speaking daunting, or those who simply want to brush up their skills. No prior learning is required.


Please be aware that this workshop does not teach Microsoft PowerPoint. However, it is not necessary to be able to use PowerPoint to attend the training.


One day (6 hours)

Min / Max no. of delegates


Assessment Method



Nicky McCrudden: As a post-graduate student Nicky won a presentation award at a national conference and taught on an under-graduate degree programme where she gave formal presentations to up to 300 students.

In addition to her career as a trainer, Nicky is a regular speaker at the national Theatrical Managers Conference and has been teaching people who to build confidence in public speaking for nearly 6 years. One of her greatest successes was giving an NHS professional the confidence to present at a national conference for her profession.


Delegate rate for Edeal clients and Chamber Members £157