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McCrudden Training

Eastbourne & District Chamber of Commerce

Workshop TitleDealing with Difficult People

Summary of the overall aims of the course

Wouldn’t the world be much easier if everyone was like you? Sadly, they’re not. Sometimes it can seem as if customers, colleagues and our peers are conspiring to make our lives difficult.

Learning to understand ‘difficult people’ in all their guises, and practising the skills you can use to manage them can help you feel more confident in dealing with others.

This one-day workshop aims to help you understand what makes a difficult person, introduces classic difficult characters as well as some ideas to help manage them. The course also explores conflict, and basic approaches to defusing it.

Course objectives

At the end of the course you will be able to:

  • identify reasons why a person might behave in a difficult way;
  • depersonalise difficult people (distinguish between the behaviour, the person and the intent);
  • describe and apply general techniques for dealing with difficult behaviour;
  • recognise some classic ‘difficult’ characters and apply specific strategies for the classic profiles;
  • explain and apply Thomas-Kilmann’s 5 modes of conflict handling; and
  • recognise some helpful (defusing) and unhelpful (escalating) responses to workplace conflict.

Target audience

Anyone who has to deal with others on a regular basis and would like to increase their confidence when faced with difficult behaviour.


One day (6 hours)

Min / Max no. of delegates


Assessment Method



Nicky McCrudden: Nicky began her career in working with difficult behaviour when she worked as a Probation Service Officer. Then faced such challenging behaviour in another workplace that she left a job. That was when her interest in managing difficult behaviour began, and today ‘Dealing with Difficult People’ is one of the most popular courses that she teaches.


Delegate rate for Edeal clients and Chamber Members £157