Frequently Asked Questions

What are the regulations around employing people?

There is a range of legislation that safeguards employee rights, and if you are, or intend to be, an employer you need to be familiar with it.

When you hire someone to work for your business, the law requires that you give them a written statement of employment within two months of starting work. This is a written summary of an employee's main particulars of employment. It is not a contract of employment, but can be used as evidence of the existence of a contract. An employee who has not received their written statement or has been given insufficient or inaccurate particulars can refer the matter to an employment tribunal and claim compensation.

Employers must be covered by employers' liability insurance which can be obtained through an insurance broker. By law you must have a minimum cover of £5 million, although most policies insure for £10 million. This may be included as part of your buildings and contents insurance so you may not require additional cover.

If your business has fewer than five employees, you do not need to prepare a written health and safety policy. However, the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 led to a number of regulations that affect the health and safety of your staff, and you need to comply with these.

Some useful additional contact information: 'Small firms: employing staff. A guide to regulatory requirements Help & Advice on H & S issues HM Revenue and Customs is responsible for the collection of income tax and National Insurance (NI). It also provides the relevant forms and issues guidance for employers ACAS works to prevent and resolve employment disputes, mediates in actual or potential complaints to employment tribunals, provides information and advice and promotes good practice. Local ACAS offices are listed in the telephone directory.

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