Frequently Asked Questions

How can I market my business?

There are numerous ways in which you might choose to market your business.

The key questions you need to ask yourself when choosing the optimum method(s) are: who is my target market, what do they want, and what will motivate them to buy from me? How can I most effectively reach them, and how much time and money am I prepared to invest?

Try to learn from your competitors – what do they do to attract customers? Do you think that their methods are effective? If you or your friends were looking for a product and service similar to yours, where would you be most likely to look?

Your marketing message and the medium that you use will depend on finding answers to these types of questions and the type of product or service that you plan to offer.

Some examples of marketing mediums that might be used:
Newspapers, magazines, e-zines and radio advertising, Online advertising in directories and search engines, Posters and billboards, Seminars and talks, Leaflet drops, Trade shows, Yellow Pages, Press articles and advertorials, Classified advertisements, Networking, Telemarketing, Sales letters, Flyers and brochures, E-mails, Gift vouchers / discount schemes, Website links, Business cards, Catalogues.

And don’t forget the cheapest and often most effective method - Word of Mouth.  If you provide an excellent product or service, satisfied customers will tell others!

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