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How do I make sure that I employ the right people?

Before you start looking for new staff you should prepare a:

A person specification detailing qualifications and experience, skills, interests, motivation, special circumstances (such as any transport they need), and hours they must be available. You should also consider if a full-time, part-time or even temporary worker is required. All these requirements can then be used to assess candidate suitability when sifting applications, and selecting suitable candidates at interview.

To attract the broadest choice of applicants, you should advertise the job widely across the appropriate media outlets. Newspapers are probably still the most common place for people to look for jobs, but use of the Internet is also becoming popular. So if you have a business website, post the job advertisement there or consider advertising with specialised recruitment websites.

Ask all candidates for the same information so that comparisons are fair; and consider asking them to complete a standard application form where you can pose specific questions for them to answer. This will make the information you receive more concise and relevant than a general-purpose CV, and allow you to more easily sift the applications.

Hold face-to-face interviews to match the candidate to your job description and person specification, as well as to check the suitability of their personality and compatibility with your enterprise (these aspects are especially important in a small business). Arrange a test for candidates if the skills you require from them are easily measurable.

Appoint the staff member for an initial probationary period (usually three months) to make sure that they are capable of doing the job.

Do not discriminate: You must have fair selection procedures and not discriminate on the grounds of race, sexual orientation, gender, age, disability or religious beliefs. There is extensive legislation designed to prevent discrimination.

Please refer to FAQ What are the regulations around employing people? for useful contacts.

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