Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get finance for my business?

The three basic types of funding for a business are:

  1. Equity – capital invested by you or others, usually friends or family. Investors normally have a share in the business reflecting the funding they provide. In the event of the business failing, all or some of the money is lost. This group includes venture capitalist investment.

  2. Debt – loans from banks or other lending institutions. These monies must be repaid, with interest, regardless of the success of the business. Lenders may ask for personal security from the borrowers to ensure repayment of the debt. The government does operate the Small Firms Loan Guarantee scheme when security is not available.

  3. Grants & Loans – monies may be available from government, charitable and other sources either as a grant or as a loan. These are only available in special circumstances or locations.

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