Frequently Asked Questions

In our experience there are standard questions asked by most prestarts on business structure, finance, marketing and taxation and you may find a quick and simple answer to your question below.

Please note answers are general and additional research is always recommended.

Business Structure

What kind of business structure should I set up as?

What’s the difference between setting up as a sole trader, a partnership or a limited company?

Legal Responsibilities

Can I give my business any name I like?

Do I need business insurance?

Do I need any licences or permits to operate my business?

What are my responsibilities in respect of health & safety?

Do I need to register under the Data Protection Act?

How do I register myself as self-employed?

Managing Money

Do I need a business plan?

What information needs to be included in a business plan?

How do I put together a cashflow forecast?

How can I get finance for my business?

How do I keep a record of my income and expenditure?

Do I need to open a business bank account?

How do I price my product or service?


Do I need to register my business for VAT?

How do I find out about tax, NI and VAT requirements, and when they apply?


How can I market my business?

Do I need a website for my business?

How can I contact other new businesses to use their services?

Employing People

What are the regulations around employing people?

How do I make sure that I employ the right people?

How can I motivate my staff?


How can I find suitable premises for my business?

If I am trading from home, do I need to notify the local council and have a plaque outside the door with my company name?

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