Abacus Training

Address: 2 Central Court, Central Avenue, Telscombe Cliffs, BN10 7LU

Telephone: 01273584002

Mobile: 07968801634

Fax: 07971572071

Website: www.abacustraininggroup.co.uk

Contact: Sam Mansfield


Our mission is to ensure that all training or developmental activity we undertake will have a positive impact on the future performance of our Client’s businesses. We will provide inspiring training that motivates individuals to achieve their full potential thereby helping our Client’s achieve their corporate goals.

We will work in partnership with our Clients ensuring that courses we offer are specifically designed or thoughtfully adapted to suit their learning and workplace outcomes taking care to understand the most appropriate methods to deliver the material. We will offer an ongoing commitment to our clients through our Change Agreement method whilst continuing to identify other approaches to smooth the transfer of learning to the workplace.

Referral business is the best type of business to have – therefore we will treat our Client’s with the highest levels of care and respect at all times. We deliver a range of qualifications to enable you to grow maintain or develop your offering

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